About this site

This project launched in April 2022 to inspire individuals to see their dreams come true.

On this site, I'll post about my day to day life, my ideas and my dreams. I write about projects I work on, challenges I face and how I overcome them (if and when I do).

Projects you say?

Well, yes. I have tons of ideas I want to pursue and quite possibly far too little time. This site is one of those projects that's finally seeing the light of day. Having said that, I know from experience that the first step is usually the hardest and that sometimes all one needs is a spark of inspiration, an example to follow or a little nudge from someone dear.

The same is true for me and this project. I've played with the idea for this project for well over a year and finally got started because of a nudge from someone dear. Some day, and article posted by me might be that spark, that example or that nudge to get your started with your next project.