As I explained in a previous post, I recently found two poems that I wrote sometime last year. I promised I'd share them, but more importantly, I feel like sharing them. This is the first of the poems, originally written May 5, 2021.


Thin clouds
Up high in the sky
Far out of reach

Sinking lower
I reach out
Try to catch them
I can't
Thin wisps of air
Like fleeting thoughts

A distant rumble
Is it a drum roll?
Or a distant thunder?

I blink
The sky is dark
Many clouds
Close by and massive
Pressing down on me
Weight of the world
Can think no more

I look for shelter
Hide from the world
The clouds follow me

Head in my hands
Pressure builds
I scream
Can't stand it
It needs to end
No more

A light pierces the dark
I look up
Someone's come to find me

A hand offered
I reach
Hold on to it
It pulls me up
A tear
I can see again